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Top-quality and experienced consultants

Many of our practice heads have previously held leadership positions in their respective industries, bringing with them a depth of knowledge and expertise to the job. Our mid- and junior-level consultants are professionals from the industry who have been trained on our proprietary executive search processes.

Personalised Partnership with the Client

Our brand is built on our approach to client partnerships, which is highly personalised and motivated by the long-term impact on the client. Our consultants adopt the role of a ‘Partner in Growth’ and focus not on merely filling a position but on filling it with resources that will catalyse growth and bring about change in the organisations they join. We seek to build long-term, unique relationships with our clients that go much beyond a placement or a mandate. It is this attitude that distinguishes us from our peers in the industry.

IT Staffing

Our IT staffing solutions enable companies to hire tech talent for time-bound projects or address gaps in their workforce. We source, hire, and manage this tech talent on behalf of our clients. 

Access to the best talent 

Through our team of trained recruiters, we are able to identify the right talent appropriate for your organization. Our recruiters are trained to source and screen those individuals who fit in with our clients’ organisational culture and business needs. We leverage our in-house database as well as proprietary screening tools for the best results. Flexible manpower based on your project needs Clients often use our solutions for projects with a fixed duration or due to spikes in demand for talent. Our IT staffing solution allows our clients to address these gaps in talent while not taking on any long-term liability. Address gaps across multiple skillsets. With technology evolving, the need for tech talent also evolves. Our team is equipped to address your hiring needs across a variety of skillsets, including.

With technology evolving, the need for tech talent also evolves. Our team is equipped to address your hiring needs across a variety of skillsets,

including: Full Stack Development, Quality Assurance, SAP, Cloud, IT Security, Desktop Support, Dev Ops, Front End Engineering, Database Engineering, Business Analysts, Mobile Development, Network Architects, AI, Big Data, Data Science, and Machine Learning.

  • – Full Stack Development
  • – Quality Assurance
  • – SAP
  • – Cloud
  • – IT Security
  • – Desktop Support
  • – Dev Ops
  • – Front End Engineering
  • – Database Engineering
  • – Business Analysts
  • – Mobile Development
  • – Network Architect
  • – AI
  • – Big Data
  • – Data Science
  • – Machine Learning

Establishment Compliance Services

Statutory regulations governing businesses are undergoing periodic revisions. Consequently, there is an inherent need for HR generalists to be alert and vigilant with various acts and amendments related to HR to avoid default and continually ensure 100% legal compliance, concurrent with the head count and/or size of an organization. In view of the above ever-changing dynamics, an increasing number of organisations now consider it prudent to outsource periodic audits of their HR practices to assess the level of mandatory legal compliance to a competent external agency like AK. 

This allows HR generalists to concentrate on and excel in the core areas and functions of human resource management, which are crucial for accelerated development, growth, and profitability. AK provides the tools for mapping the strengths and identifying areas for improvement in human resource management, as well as recommends effective guidelines and recommendations to drive the organisation to the next level in today’s highly competitive and volatile business environment.

Scope of work: 

  • Establishment registration certificate: new, renewal, or closure (only for one-time models) 
  • Contract Labour Registration Act Registration Certificate: New, Renewal, or Closure (only for one-time models) 
  • Profession Tax registration (only for a one-time model) 
  • Remittance of statutory payments 
  • Updates to all statutory registers, Maintaining and retrieving documentation as and when required 
  • Submission of all statutory returns to the respective authorities as per the periodicity 
  • Submission or display of all statutory notices at the respective sites as per the periodicity 
  • Display of all statutory abstracts at the respective sites. 
  • Auditing of vendor and contractor compliances (only for one-time models) 
  • Accident-related consulting support 
  • Notices and inspection handling with the respective authorities 
  • Liaison with statutory authorities 
  • Legal consulting support through internal consultants of the service provider 
  • Notify, apply for, and get a possible exemption under labour laws on behalf of the client (only for a one-time model). 
  • Information on labour law notifications and amendments 
  • Submission of Monthly MIS Reports to the Client 
  • Attending client reviews periodically 


Advantages of engaging AK as a compliance partner: 

  • Regular updates on labour law amendments in the sharing of notifications (PAN India) 
  • Proactively inform the remittance of statutory payments, EPF, ESI, profession tax, and the Labour Welfare Fund. 
  • Statutory remittances of the Profession Tax and Labour Welfare Fund shall be remitted within the due date (PAN India). 
  • Remittance of statutory payments 
  • Amicably closing of labour authority inspections and notice issuance—State and Central Authorities 
  • Ensure branch compliance at all times. 
  • Professional approach to responding to all mail communication within 24 hours. 

Keep regular interactions with clients

Post-Payroll Services: EPF, ESI, LWF, and PT

The post-payroll activities are the final stage in the “pay-roll process,” as the work does not stop even after the disbursement of salaries. Once the salary is paid to employees, “post-payroll process” activities take place. It plays a vital role for every organisation, whether small or large, as it is directly related to “compliances,” and every organisation needs to adhere the remittances of EPF, ESIA, PT, and LWF. AK can support post-payroll compliance requirements by covering the below-mentioned requirements.

Scope of Work: 

  • EPF and ESI: Challan generation (monthly) 
  • Generation of employee UAN and I.P. numbers for all respective PF and ESI codes 
  • Change of employer: amendment of employee UAN number 
  • Support the updating of employee KYC details. 
  • Support in Activation of UAN
  • Support in Transfer of Employee PF Account/Withdrawal of PF Amount 
  • Liaison with the PF and ESI departments 
  • Assist the client in handling the PF and ESI inspections. 
  • Preparation and Submission of PF and ESI-Related Correspondence 
  • Legal consulting related to PF and ESI matters 
  • Remittance of PT and LWF as per periodicity 
  • Information relating to legislative changes, if any

HR Shared Services

The HR Shared Services model would be more convenient and suitable for growing companies in “small and medium enterprises” sectors, as it would support them in implementing and strengthening the HR process effectively. Since a variety of activities will be covered in shared services, this eliminates the need to hire multiple people for the same task; hence, it reduces the total cost of the company. Also, companies can benefit from the expertise of “Team AK,” who are experts in this domain. 

Scope of work: HR Shared Services 

  • A dedicated shared SPOC (single point of contact) shall be assigned offsite to ensure service delivery and quality. 
  • Support shall be extended for the fixation of employees’ salary structures as per the statutory requirements and to ensure minimum wages. 
  • The process of issuance of offer letters and appointment letters for all the selected candidates shall be taken care of.
  •  The joining formalities of recruits shall be taken care of and shall be advised for the issuance of an employee’s ID card. 
  • Ensure to collect the income tax deceleration form from new hires. 
  • Various nomination forms shall be collected from new joiners as required (EPF/ESI/Gratuity Act/Payment of Wages Rules). 
  • Employees’ files shall be maintained with a proper checklist and will be kept on client premises. 
  • ESI (IP) number and EPF (UAN) number will be created and mapped for all the new joins as per their applicability. 
  • Support in updating employee KYC details in EPF/ESIP robation period confirmation: The employees’ probation confirmation letter will be issued after obtaining confirmation from the management. 
  • Employee salaries will be processed after taking the attendance sheet from the client SPOC (Single Point of Contact). 
  • Leave summary: emailing income tax projections to employees 
  • Bank statement generation, bank transfer format text file, CSV format, statement in Excel Customisation of multiple bank formats 
  • Employee salary slips will be generated and forwarded to respective employees, either through an official mail ID or a personal mail ID, as per management confirmation. 
  • EPF and ESI challans will be generated after getting confirmation from the accounts team. 
  • The disciplinary process shall be taken care of for absconding cases—issuance of the 1st notice, 2nd notice, and termination letter as per the suitability.
  • Coordination of collecting the “No Dues Certificate” for exiting employees from the client SPOC. 
  • The resigned employee’s full and final settlement will be processed upon receipt of the “No Dues Certificate.” 
  • The issuance of the relief letter and experience letter template shall be shared as per the management confirmation. 
  • Support the transfer of employee PF accounts or withdrawal of PF amounts, if any. 
  • Assisting the client in the handling of PF and ESI inspections and liaising with the PF and ESI departments 
  • I am assisting in the preparation and submission of PF and ESI-related correspondence.