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Welcome to AK Trump India HR Solutions, where we redefine HR support for SMEs. Our emerging market prowess ensures cost-effective, professional services, mirroring big corporations’ standards in HR compliance.


Proven Talent Solutions and Expertise

Unlock leadership-led permanent recruitment, time-bound IT staffing, seamless establishment compliance, comprehensive post-payroll services, and convenient HR shared services—strengthening processes for SME growth and regulatory adherence.

Permanent Recruitment Agency

 Leadership experienced heads for expert permanent recruitment services.

IT Staffing

Time-bound tech talent solutions sourcing, hiring, and management expertise.

Establishment Compliance Services

Navigating evolving statutory regulations for seamless business compliance solutions.

About Us

Driving Excellence Through Expertise

At AK Trump India HR Solutions, we lead with seasoned talent, compliance mastery, and proven strategies. Elevating businesses through recruitment, staffing, compliance, payroll, and tailored HR solutions for sustainable growth.

Elite Clientele and Strategic Partners

Partnering with elites, we offer strategic solutions for sustained business success


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